Why Trump Banning TikTok May Be a Blessing for Bitcoin Price

The recent anti-China sentiment has been gaining traction in the North American country with the origin of the current pandemic and China’s growing stronghold in the east. As a result, the American president has promised his land that he would ultimately prohibit the Chinese video-sharing platform, Tiktok. This will have significant repercussions that the president could never have fathomed. A significant consequence of such a decision would make about eighty million people turn towards Crypto technology. This would mean even brighter days for Bitcoin valuations and the whole crypto-community as well.

How it goes

The last day had put the price of several big crypto-currencies over the highest rung they could achieve in a year as predicted by our experts. These rises were also marked by Ether increasing beyond the four hundred dollar mark in its valuations. A new industry altcoin also saw the rising price of its shares and went past Bitcoin even for an instant. The most accurate prediction tool when it comes to market evaluations in the crypto-currency circuit predicts that Bitcoin is set to see a further upward tick with other low-level altcoins also following suit.

Other Crypto Performances

Besides Bitcoin, other significant players and cryptocurrencies have also been experiencing surging prices in the market, which has boosted investor confidence. Close behind Bitcoin, Ether is gradually climbing the ladder and soon will go neck-to-neck with the industry giant that brought the concept of BlockChain itself into the fore-front.

How Trump is helping Matter

Generation z has been recognized as the largest market for social media, where blockchain can flourish. With millions of users leaving Tiktok and the incumbent United States President trying to completely wipe the application out of America, there is space for blockchain-based programs to jump in and make good use of the largest group of consumers sitting with nothing to do on their phones. Thus many blockchain supported applications have started operations as the five billion hours the new generation consumes act as fertile grounds for such companies to flourish.

With Bitcoin holding strong and bullish trends leading the market, there are only green pastures for this leading corporation in the path ahead. If it is able to continue with such a condition and hold its prowess, it is set to settle at a point where investors will flock by the thousands.

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