Types of Gym Equipment and Their Uses

Going to a gym for the first time feels like submerging yourself to a world with strange equipment that may not make sense to you at that time. The easiest way to start there is through using cardio machines. Most of the cardio uses intuitive motion that you are familiar with, for instance, walking, pedaling running, and climbing stairs. When you get familiar with the cardio, you can then venture into other equipment so that you may not feel overwhelmed.

Top 9 Types of Gym Equipment

Therefore let us look at different types of gym equipment that you are likely to get in the gym house;

1. The Chest Press

This is the most popular machine in the gym. It works on the chest, muscles, shoulders, and triceps. You can use the chest press machine or weights bench by putting them in a flat position in an inclined position. In most cases, individual cases are dedicated to a flat decline of incline position. The chest press machine also has a seated option.

2. Power Rack

The machine enables you to carry extra weights. It is made of steel that in the form of a rectangular shape that helps you to step into. The barbell goes through the middle of the cube, passing out to the middle of the sides. With this machine, you can set safety stops at the levels you want. if you are doing bench press, for instance, you can set the stops above the chest height so that in case you workout fails, you  bars rests on the stops.

3. Cable Machines

They link with interchangeable handles into a weight stack using a cable that runs through the pulley. The pulley, therefore, may be fixed or adjustable. Adjustable lift slides on the rail; however functional trainers ensure the sheaves are fixed with swing arms adjusted on various planes. Cable equipment are made of more than one lift in each machine. The several lifts allow you to manipulate different handles to enable you to perform conventional weight training exercise or simulate sports movement.

4. Smith Machine

This is a barbell housed vertical track that serves the same purpose as standard weight training machines while limiting the barbell to set a range of motion. Like the power track, you can set safety stops on the smith machines to prevent the bar from falling below the standard height. The ends of the smith bars have hooks that you can fix at any point of the racking peg along the rail. Therefore the smith equipment is essential for self spotting.

5. Wrist Roller

Wrist roller machines are of different types; however, the common one is free weight. It has a short bar with a length of a rope attached to it with a weight plate at the end of the rope. To work with the wrist roller, hold a short bar with palms facing down and rotate the bar towards you while spooling the cable surrounding it to lift the weight.

6. The Lat Pull-down Machine

The machine mostly targets the lats, however, involves other muscles such as triceps, biceps, delts, and traps. To ensure your back remains straight throughout the movement, you need to pull the bar straight down and back. It is essential for you to alternate your grip to ensure the machine hits different types of muscle groups. A wide grip, however, will target the outer parts of the lats while helping to build a bigger back. Switching to a palm facing squeeze involves your biceps regularly.

7. BOSU Ball

The BOSU ball s similar to half exercise ball that is mounted on the rigid plastic platform. When you sit, stand or lie on the sides of the ball your muscles are forced to compensate for added stability of the ball.

8. Plyometric Platforms

These are sturdy boxes that are elevated on different heights. They are essential when you are performing jumping exercises to build power. They can also be used when you want to raise bases for strength training exercises for instance step ups and leg dips.

9. Leg Press

The machine provides compound exercises that work with a combination of muscles, hamstring quads and calves are all worked on leg press machine. The combination of squats, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, therefore, provide you with a well rounded and complete leg workout.


There are many other Types of Gym Equipment than the ones discussed above. However, these are the most popular that are found in commercial gyms. Ultimately, if you do not like the idea of gym work out, getting the same variety of workouts is equally possible with home gyms. Most home gyms have stations and attachments that are necessary for your all round workout.

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