Top 7 Planet Fitness Gym Equipment Review

People have different types of exercise routines. Some people love cardio; however, they can still watch their interest wane in other exercises. If you are a cardio exercise lover, you are likely to stick into one machine; however, it is time to change. Here is the Top List of Planet Fitness Gym Equipment that you can try.

1. Treadmill

The treadmill is the primary staple of cardio in any gym. Whether you are walking running treadmills allows you a year around use. You do not need to worry about bad weather, high traffic roads, or daylight when you are focusing on long miles with treadmills. The National education association offers some ideas that add value to treadmill workouts that make it enjoyable. You can, therefore, copy the walking and running challenge by periodically increasing your speed. While doing this use the incline function to mirror the steep hills, uphill running will help you improve your fitness levels.

2. Elliptical Machine

Besides elliptical treadmill machine is also one of Planet Fitness Gym Equipment that is used for running, walking hill climbing and stimulating your joints similar to treadmill. The elliptical machine has several benefits; it offers full body workout since both lower and upper body come into play. The machine is useful in improving mobility balance, and it’s recommendable for people recovering from diverse injuries.

3. Rowing

You do not necessarily need to be in a boat to gain the benefits of rowing machine. The use of a rowing machine at the gym gives an incredible war up while it gets the blood flowing and loosens your body up for the main workout. The device also has a great finisher that allows you to close out a challenging workout with one last challenge.

For cardio lovers, the rowing machine is the best compliment to biking and running, since it does not stress your joints. However, for runners rowing makes you more explosive if you incorporate sprints in your regular workout.

4. Stair Climber

This is designed similar to min escalator with handrails and revolving stairs. It helps in strengthening your lower body as well as your core while burning calories. The machine mainly focuses on climbing long stairs. However, there are different drills you can try to break the monotony. Climbing one stair at a time works your front legs while climbing two stairs at a time works on your back of your legs. Therefore it is essential for you to try alternate sets between the steps while increasing the level as you move

5. Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is similar to a treadmill machine since its indoor usage negates the concerns that are related to traffic, weather issues, and time of the day. Stationary bike has plenty of benefits. The equipment offers a low impact workout that improves heart health with every pedal stroke.

The machine helps in building a muscle definition, strengthens your core, and generally improves your mental focus. It is, however, essential to ride at your own pace by controlling the speed and resistance while pedaling. If you get bored with your regular workout routine, you can try mixing up with other cardio machines at the gym to get something new and exciting.

6. Bench Press Machine

Bench press machine targets the chest machines and has more stability for people who are doing the exercise for the first time.

It is essential to start by adjusting the machine before you sit on it by ensuring the bars are positioned at the chest height. Place your hand on the bars while your fit flat on foot rests in front of you since this will be your standing position. Then press out by extending your arms out into a long distance as possible slowly until you feel a stretch in your triceps muscle. While in that position count as you turn back to the start. You repeat this sets as many times as you wish.

7. Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbells fly exercise machine that targets your pecs with more focus as compared to dumbbell bench press since it focuses more on inner parts of your pecs.

To do the dumbbells exercise, first, you need to lie flat on the bench while stretching your arms to the sides holding a dumbbell in each hand in a shoulder height position. Push the dumbbells using your chest from their position while raising your arms without involving them for lifting until the dumbbells are directly above your chest. While in that position, ensure your elbows are facing outward while your palms are facing inwards, squeeze your chest muscles, and hold as you count. Finally, go back to the starting position and repeat the same reps and sets as much time as you want. It is, however, vital to concentrate your chest to perform the exercise.


Planet Fitness Gym Equipment was not created to punish you but to help you have fun and improve your health. You need therefore to try out the above-discussed Planet Fitness Gym Equipment with high intensity work out geared towards helping you achieve your goals.

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