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Reasons Behind Binance Coin Becoming The Third Largest Following Parabolic Rally

Binance coin commonly known as BNB has been forecasted as the third largest coin according to market capitalization for the first time in the cryptocurrency arena.  Its market value stands at more than 38 billion dollars leaving behind the all-time leading cryptocurrency, the Tether. Reasons contributing to achieving this glory by Binance coins: There was […]

Investors Can Now Trade Bitcoin Futures On Equos Without An Expiry Date

Good news for all bitcoin investors! A bitcoin currency exchange company based inSingapore named Equos has confirmed that it is going to launch new bitcoin futures. The best part about this news is that the fitcoin futures will be launched without any settlement date or an expiry date. This news is certainly a big leapin […]

Here’s The Tea On The Serious Rise Of Competition For Global Crypto Derivatives Market Dominance

During the beginning of October this year, the crypto market experienced multiple clamorous financial conditions. Most of the credit goes to the recent filings against BitMEX. It saw the firm’s top brass being accused by the United States Commodity Future Trading Commission on various charges. This is not all. Just some days before this scandal […]

Philippines Sec Warns Of ‘cloud Mining’ Ponzi Related To Bitcoin Vault

The SEC has issued an official warning about the “cloud mining” business mining Bitcoin ( BTC) Mining City, urging its audience to uninstall the device and those like it. The price of a specific cryptocurrency is on the rise, prompting official denouncements. The alert describes the business as unlicensed and stated that it did not […]

Is The Bitcoin Revolution For Real? How Do You Trade It?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency platform that uses an Artificial Intelligence aided system to guide cryptocurrency trading, primarily Bitcoin. The system analyses the crypto market and provides a strategy for trading in the cryptocurrencies. What can you do with the Bitcoin Revolution? The BR platform is an online platform that uses a robot to […]

China’s Consortium Chains May Not Be Trusted Internationally, Says Vitalik Buterin

China has impressively paved its way in the blockchain space. In fact, the Chinese government and large enterprises in China are also making impressive innovations to include blockchain technology in their functioning. As per one of the biggest statements made by Co-founder of Etherium, Vitalik Buterin, China needs to do much more than just deploy […]

Why Trump Banning TikTok May Be a Blessing for Bitcoin Price

The recent anti-China sentiment has been gaining traction in the North American country with the origin of the current pandemic and China’s growing stronghold in the east. As a result, the American president has promised his land that he would ultimately prohibit the Chinese video-sharing platform, Tiktok. This will have significant repercussions that the president […]

Things to Consider When Giving Crypto to Charities or Others

United States Congress has increased tax benefits for U.S. people who regularly give donations. Different people give different types of donations and after the charity, their main focus is towards their tax position. Are you willing to give cryptocurrency as a donation? Here are some of the important things that you should know before you […]