Money Capitalism
Money Price - Money Cost = Money Profit

Money Capitalism is guided by only one rule, "Make money. No matter how much you have, make more. Set price above cost to make room for profit, the more profit, the better."

A money capitalist does not care what is produced, only how much money profit it makes. If a bomber makes more money profit than a school, then a bomber is better than a school.

A money capitalist pays as little as possible for goods and services and charges as much as possible.

A money capitalist treats money as if it were corn, like it can be planted and grow without any loss to labor.

To a money capitalist, labor is valuable only insofar as it increases profit and free time for the laborer is a waste of time.

Wage increases are considered inflationary while profit and interest are not.

The most labor can expect is for gains to "trickle down" from profits gushing up.

Real Capitalism
Use Time - Work Time = Free Time

Real capital consists of all goods and services that increase free time.

A cow is real capital because it can provide valuable goods and services, including milk, calves, meat and leather.

Land is real capital because it can be used for crops, pasture, forest, and recreation.

Houses are real estate capital because they provide places for people to live.

Imagine all the work you would have to do if you had to gather food growing wild each day in order to have something to eat.

Imagine if you had to find shelter anew each night.

Real capital in the form of domesticated plants and animals and well built housing saves you all that work time.

It is that free time, among many other forms of real capital, large and small, that give you the free time to be reading these words.

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